Top 4 Best Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews For Home Use

Don’t we all just need a solid pressure washer sometimes? Well most people know this Simpson brand which is why we put this list together of the Top 5 Best Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews For Home Use. The Simpson brand is known for quality and reliability and will definitely perform for you.

The Top 4 Best Simpson Pressure Washer in 2018 Comparison

Pressure Washers
Cleaning Units
Simpson MegaShot
best simpson pressure washer
3100 PSI
7750 CU
Simpson PowerShot

best simpson power washer
3200 PSI
8960 CU
Simpson MS60763-S

simpson pressure washers
3000 PSI
7200 CU
Simpson 1700 Electric

best simpson washer
1700 PSI
2040 CU


Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Simpson MegaShot (3100 PSI & 2.5 GPM) Honda GC190 Gas Power Washer

best simpson pressure washerWhen quality meets durability, you get this state of the art gas powered Simpson MegaShot 3100. Considered as one of the best residential performers, the MegaShot is able to wash and remove even the toughest stuck on stains and dirt. Available at a reasonable price, the MegaShot is engineered with a 2.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rate that allows for any heavy cleaning at your home.

This heavy-duty machine is equipped with the latest Simpson Cleaning features. Weighing only 65 pounds, the MegaShot can easily be carried around the house without putting any major pressure your muscles and back. But thankfully, it also has a high-quality premium pneumatic  10-inch tires to roll around making it one of the most portable gas power cleaners in the market. Also, the MegaShot has a top-quality kink and abrasion resistant hose (25 feet long by the way) that will help you in cleaning areas as rigid as the gutters with absolute ease.

It’s perfect for those patios, driveways, outdoor furniture, wooden decks, and even dirty siding on your home. The MegaShot has a patent-pending Powerboost technology that gives greater pressure at the nozzle for even more punch on impact.

The most important feature of the MegaShot though is its powerhouse engine. Engineered by Honda, it has a sturdy and long-lasting engine that is great for any type of residential use. Honda engines are known for being tough in harsh environments, long lasting and always easy to start. The MegaShot is ideally to be used for maximum 2-3 days a week, and this value machine can fulfill cleaning duties for anyone.

The only slight downside about this MegaShot is that it has an axial pump. Jump below for a brief explanation on the difference between pump types, but here’s the basics. Axial pumps are cheaper and smaller but they don’t last as long due to more moving parts and they can’t handle the highest pressures. Axial pumps also heat up faster and thus cannot be run as long.

For most small residential jobs, an axial pump will be just fine. If you have tougher cleaning or a larger area to work with, consider moving up in quality.

You can see more about the Simpson MegaShot here at Amazon.

Here’s a quick video review if you prefer:



2. Simpson PowerShot (3200 PSI & 2.8 GPM) Honda GX200 Gas Pressure Washer – The Best Simpson Pressure Washer For High Performance

best simpson power washerHave you ever wanted a commercial grade engine for residential purposes? If your answer is yes, then the Simpson PowerShot 3200 gives you exactly that. The PowerShot is the prime example of enhanced performance meeting durability. Honda and Simpson have combined to equip the PowerShot with an engine that tailor-made for power and strength. It is actually a commercial grade engine that aims at fulfilling residential duties and can be used in any home.

Moreover, the PowerShot has an AAA industrial quality triplex plunger pump that helps in the durability of the machine. This technology on your PowerShot will go on for years cleaning without any major concerns.

The PowerShot also comes with Simpson’s patent-pending PowerBoost technology to increase the pressure at the nozzle. Once again, innovative designs that you’d find on commercial style equipment in a cheaper package.

It has the same 25-foot high-pressure, kink and abrasion resistant hose. The hose spray wand comes with 5 quick connect nozzle tips to adjust the flow to your needs. Check out a more detailed Simpson review here.

The robust steel frame and heavy-duty big tires, supports the PowerShot so it can be easily maneuvered around. It is an 81-pound power pressure cleaner which is powered by gas. But since it’s a Triplex pump, it can go about working for 7 days a week for cleaning any place such as a back patio, house siding, etc.

Here’s how you know it’s quality. The Honda engine comes with a 3-year warranty and the Triplex pump comes with a 5-year warranty. Honda and Simpson are definitely standing behind this device so you can too.

The only real downside to the Powershot is the price. It comes in a few hundred more than the MegaShot. It has every reason to be pricier given the noticeable improvement in quality and performance.

You can see more about the Simpson Powershot here on Amazon.


3. Simpson MS60763-S (3000 PSI & 2.4 GPM) Kohler RH265 – Best Simpson Pressure Washer On A Budget

simpson pressure washersStrong, long lasting and a well-performing machine that comes in at a budget price. The MS60763-S has all that you need for your basic home cleaning. Powered with a Kohler RH265 residential engine, the MS60763-S gives high-pressure water cleaning for most surfaces at a great price.

The Kohler engine is made with hi-tech engineering which enhances the performance of the machine and also makes it durable. Now Kohler is not as well known for small engines as Honda, but they do a nice job. For most people, they won’t notice any real difference over the life of the washer with a Kohler engine versus a Honda.

With PowerBoost technology and OEM Technologies axial cam pump, the MS60763-S has the ability to sustain long lasting work. It can be used for 2-3 days without experiencing the user facing any issues. Powered by gas, the machines is designed specifically to work competently in any environment.

Regarded as one of the most popular pressure washers in the series of residential pressure washers made by Simpson Cleaning, the MS60763-S has a sturdy welded frame made from top-notch steel and aluminum. The 12-inch tires give the required support to the machine as well as the user when trying to move it from place to place.

However, be aware that these tires are technically plastic and not rubber with air. Therefore, it’ll be a little bumpier when moving around.

It also has a multi-purpose quad connect nozzles, 15, 25, 40 and soap applicator nozzle along with a kink and abrasion resistant 25 feet MorFlex hose which offers another plus to the user. The wide mouth hose is made to allows for easy spraying and much-needed flexibility.

Other than the tires, there are a few downsides to this Simpson washer. First, the pressure and cleaning units are much lower than the others on this list. That might not be an issue if you’re only cleaning basic dirt and grim off driveways and siding. But if you need more power for tougher jobs, look at the other options.

Also, some users have had mixed reviews on this unit. Be careful when you first get it because it seems that every once in a while a bad washer makes it out of the factory and comes damaged. Also, be wary of shipping the item with inferior carriers as people have seen damage coming out of the box.

You can see more about the MS60763-S here on Amazon.


4. Simpson 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

best simpson washerHandy, light in weight and saves energy. This Simpson 1700 is powered by an electrical cord which can be plugged into any socket for usage. The 1700 consists of a power saving engine that allows the user to conserve energy and at the same time complete all pressure washer tasks.

When running on electricity, the engine and motor life of the machine increases as compared to a gas pressure washer. The pumping can work efficiently and effectively for a longer length of time without causing any problems to the user or the machine. It is also much quieter than a gas powered unit.

Furthermore, with a weight of fewer than 30 pounds, the 1700 can be easily carried around the porch or any part of the house. This electric washer is ergonomically designed to provide safety and comfort. This portable unit has a sturdy plastic outer body along with a top-class steel spray wand.

It also has a remarkable factory fitted detergent tank on the machine. It consists of an onboard storage to keep the washer neat and its wires all organized on the machine. This value for money pressure washer has soap and turbo sprays nozzle tips for different purposes.

The downsides are the big difference in cleaning power on this electric unit. This electric unit should only be considered for the lightest cleaning. It really won’t work on tough dirt on patios, decks, driveways or siding. Only consider this unit if you have some indoor cleaning to do that needs gentle spray.

You can see more about the 1700 Electric Washer here on Amazon.


Axial Vs. Triplex Pumps For Your Pressure Washer

We created a whole page detailing the difference in these two pumps. Here’s the readers digest version:

Axial pumps are weaker in power and performance. They have more moving parts thus inherently have shorter life spans. But they are cheaper to manufacturer and thus are cheaper to buy.

Triples pumps are stronger and more powerful. They are more solid and robust in their design thus can last many years without any difficulty. However, they are more complex to manufacturer and thus are more expensive.

Typically, we find that investing in the Triplex pumps is ideal if you have consistent needs for a pressure washer. If you live near dirty/dusty areas and are bringing the washer out more than 3 times per year… Invest in the Triplex. You’ll spend less in the long run.

If you just need a one-off spray wash every year or so… Save the money and go with a simple Axial pump design.


Reasons to Use and Like the Simpson Pressure Washer Brand

1. You Should Trust Simpson Because Other Big Companies Do:

Simpson has had exclusive deals with several big name companies like DeWalt, Sherwin Williams, and Briggs & Stratton. All of these companies have had huge deals signed with Simpson in the last several years.

Sherwin Williams agreed to sell Simspon pressure washers throughout its enterprise. We all know Sherwin Williams is a high quality brand of paint and if they believe Simpson is quality then you should too. Here’s the press release for the Sherwin Williams deal.

The DeWalt brand under Black & Decker agreed to terms with Simpson. Black & Decker decided to stop producing their own pressure washers and outsourced it to Simpson. Simpson will built their high quality pressure washers and put the DeWalt sticker on it. That’s how you know Simpson is doing well. A high quality brand like DeWalt is actually Simpson under the hood. Here’s the press release.

We all know these are high quality brands and high quality companies. They’re looking at Simpson and seeing only high quality pressure washers. If they’re willing to put their reputation at risk with Simpson, you should feel confident too.

2. You’ll See The Value

Now that we know that great brands like DeWalt just slap their sticker on a Simpson model, you should know the value of buying a Simpson brand is huge. If you compare side-by-side, you’ll likely see a “similar” DeWalt and Simpson model different dramatically in price. Usually, it’s the DeWalt brand that is 50-100% more expensive.


Because DeWalt is a brand people trust. Therefore, DeWalt can charge a premium for their name. Lo and behold it’s the same exact pressure washer underneath though. So if people are clearly willing to pay the DeWalt price for the exact same power washer, you’re obviously getting a great deal!

3. The Support And Maintenance Are Great

Simpson is owned by a giant company named FNA. They have been around quite a while and will continue for quite some time. And the support center is very good with customers.

On top of that, most repair/replacement parts can either be found online or at a local hardware store.

Plus, the manuals on Simpson washers are very thorough and in detailed. Most likely, you can find answers to basic questions there. Here’s the link to all the manuals if you need it.


May The Force Be With You

So you’ve seen our list of the best Simpson pressure washer reviews in 2018 and hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them. We’re also very open to any new Simpson washers we may have overlooked. Please share any good or bad experiences below. We’re just here to try to help so all feedback is good.

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