The Best Electric Lawn Mower For A Lush Green Yard in 2017

With the warm seasons in full bloom, the lush green lawns are everywhere. Many of us long to have that perfectly mowed, lush green lawn. And these days, you have options for which type of mower you want to use. Electric lawn mowers are far more common these days and come at very reasonable prices. You can even choose models with or without cords. Take a look at this list and decide for yourself which is the best electric lawn mower of 2017.

The Best Electric Lawn Mower for A Sustainable And Green Yard

Greenworks Cordless G-Max
best electric lawn mower 2017
Cordless40 VSee ReviewSee on Amazon
Sun Joe MJ401E
best corded electric lawn mower 2017
Corded13 ampSee ReviewSee on Amazon
Black & Decker MTC220
best electric lawn mower 2017
Cordless20 VSee ReviewSee on Amazon
Greenworks Corded
best cordless electric lawn mower 2017
Corded10 ampSee ReviewSee on Amazon
Scotts 2000 Push Mower
best electric lawn mower 2017
Push0See ReviewSee on Amazon

Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Here’s some general tips to consider when purchasing an electric lawn mower.

Electric vs. Gas

Gas has been the only option for lawn mowing for quite some time. Gas lawn mowers have some positives, but electric mowers have plenty of positives also. Let’s start with electric.

Electric lawn mowers are far more environmentally friendly. I think we’ve all known that so this is no surprise. They produce no harmful emissions and are actually pretty quiet when compared to the loud gas engine mowers.

Electric mowers are also much easier to maintain. They don’t require major tune-ups or winterizing them during cold months. It’s just a plug in and go type of machine. The only maintaining needed is occasional blade sharpening or replaced on the electric motor.

Compare that to the oil changes, air filter changes, spark plug swaps and more on the gas engine. It can be a pain to keep that engine running smoothly over the years.

Now, it’s not that electric engines are better in every way. Gas powered lawn mowers are far more powerful than any comparable electric engine right now. That’s the nature of gasoline power versus electric power. So if you have a nasty yard with thick and tough grass, you may still need a gas mower.

Gas mowers also are more portable for long periods of time. If you have a large yard, an electric mower may not cover everything. Corded electric mowers are limited by the extension cord length, and you can’t make cords too long (or they lose effectiveness). And cordless battery powered electric mowers can lose charge and then be ineffective until recharged.

You need to take all this into consideration when deciding if electric lawn mowers are right for you.

When is electric the right choice? And when is it wrong?

In our opinion, here are some easy situations where electric mowers make sense.

  • Small yards (lots less than 0.5 acres)
  • Yards with few trees or landscape
  • Thinner grass
  • Environments that get cold
  • Limited time for you to do maintenance

Those are not all-inclusive. In fact, as electric lawn mowers improve in performance and durability, they’ll be able to compete with gas mowers even on large yards.

Take some time to assess your current situation. If you like the idea of a quiet mower with enough power to handle basic lawn care, an electric mower might just be for you.

But when would it not be? Here’s some examples of when gas mowers are good to consider:

  • Very large yards (over 2 acres)
  • Thick grass
  • Environments that are mostly consistent temperatures

Again, look at your situation since everyone is different. You may prefer an electric lawn mower but your yard is too big and will require you to get gas instead. Only you can determine which is best for your lawn.

What’s the better electric choice: Corded or Cordless?

Now that’s a great question. And once again, it depends on what you need. There are really only 2 difference between the corded and cordless lawn mowers: price and length of run time.

Let’s talk about cost. It shouldn’t be surprising that cordless lawn mowers are more expensive. You have to purchase a battery (ideally 2) and charger and it requires more advanced technology. Corded mowers don’t need that and thus can be purchased much cheaper.

But corded mowers deliver a longer run time. They’re always connected to power so no matter how long you need to run the mower, it’ll deliver. The cordless models have batteries that eventually need charging. If you buy 2 batteries this can be minimized though since you can swap them out.

So if upfront price is a big priority for you, go with a corded option. If you like the flexibility of being able to go anywhere (without the hassle of a cord), go with the cordless option and buy 2 batteries.

Maintaining an electric lawn mower.

Here are some general guidelines for maintenance, but please consult the owner’s manual for your specific mower’s maintenance guide.

First, keep it clean underneath. Grass and clippings tend to collect underneath all electric lawn mowers (and all mowers in general for that matter), so take a few minutes every 2-4 mows to clean out the underside.

Second, if you have batteries, run them down to dead at least once per year. Batteries are tricky creatures that sometimes need to be reminded of their full capacity. Just leave the lawn mower on or use other tools with it to completely drain the battery once per year. It’s a good reset.

Third, swap the blade at least once per year. Some people would say get the blade sharpened, and you can certainly do that. But we’ve found that there is not a huge cost saver in sharpening the blade versus just buying new. Why get it sharpened at all? Because electric mowers are weaker in power than gas mowers, so having a sharp blade is crucial for optimal performance. Dull blades dramatically decrease efficiency, and that’s not something you can afford with electric mowers.


Top Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

1. Greenworks 25302 G-Max 40V Cordless Mower

best electric lawn mower 2017Pros:

  • Cordless for ultimate flexibility
  • Less noise for a smooth and peaceful experienece
  • Reduced vibration with improved handling control
  • Lightweight thanks to battery powered operation
  • Easy to clean by using a stick underneath after every mow


  • Assembly can be complicated with vague instructions
  • Overlapping blades not sufficient enough and can cause gaps
  • High price because of batteries


Coming in at number 1 is the GreenWorks 25302, which has elaborate features that have earned it this title on our list. The mower comes with a 20-inch cutting deck which gives excellent balance and smooth handling, perfect for maneuvering in closed or limited space.

It has a G-Max 40V battery system with a 4AH Battery and a 2AH battery and charger for optimum performance. The batteries switch when power is running low giving you reserve power to work with.

The mower is fitted with a dual blade system that offers the best cutting quality as well as exemplary mulching and bagging capabilities. You can easily acquire this and all the other lawn mowers from Amazon and have them delivered to your doorstep conveniently!

Check out the Greenworks 25302 G-Max here on Amazon.


2. Sun Joe MJ401E Pro Series Electric Lawn Mower

best corded electric lawn mower 2017Pros:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Mows well in small nooks thanks to small design
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not good on excessively long grass. Max setting of 2.5 inches
  • Small grass bag and fills up quickly
  • Corded so limited mobility


The mower has diverse features and is 2nd in our lineup for the best mowers. The mower is able to cut wide paths with its powerful, electric motor. You can easily control the height of the grass you want with its 3-position adjustable setting. It also comes with a detachable bag that helps dispose of the grass clippings conveniently.

The bag is a great size for electric lawn mowers and should hold around 10 gallons of clippings. This is much larger than most mowers we found which should work well for a lot of people.

The 13 amp motor is also one of the larger sizes we found and should give you extra power to handle thicker grass. It still won’t be as powerful as a gas engine, but still provides good bang for your buck.

Now it’s not all great here as the deck is only 14 inches which is the smallest electric mower deck we found here. So you’ll be making more passes around your yard than most other mowers. For small yards, this is no big deal. The bigger your yard, the more this matters. Take note of how big your yard is and whether this will matter.

Check out the Sun Joe MJ401E here on Amazon.


3. Black & Decker MTC220 20V 3-in-1 Electric Mower/Trimmer/Edger

best electric lawn mower 2017Pros:

  • Multi-functional with mower/trimmer/edger
  • Easy to clean
  • Solid power in motor
  • Good price point


  • Auto feed system can be sensitive
  • Short battery life so multiple batteries needed
  • No grass bag catcher
  • Batteries can take too long to charge


The electric lawn mower comes with 3 functions in one that serves your needs perfectly. It is integrated with an automatic feed system that allows it to identify obstacles in its path, preventing bumping, stopping and restarting cycles. It comes with an adjustable handle and trimmer setting, complete with a pivoting function to allow for maximum ease.

This Black & Decker model was even featured in our list of best corded trimmers here.

To prolong working time, it also includes two additional batteries. The mower is available in both, with cord and cordless versions according to your needs. Its light weight and its comfortable maneuvering make it one of the most desired mowers on the market.

Check out the Black & Decker MTC220 here on Amazon.


4. Greenworks 25142 16-Inch Corded Mower Review

best cordless electric lawn mower 2017Pros:

  • 10 Amp motor for yard
  • Mulch and rear discharge bag
  • 5 height adjustable positions
  • Easily to maneuver
  • Great price point
  • Good warranty and customer service


  • Smaller deck than others at only 16 inches
  • Corded mower so limited mobility
  • Small bag for clippings
  • Some customers claim motor not powerful enough


Greenworks is a solid brand for outdoor tool equipment on the yard. They’ve made several good quality items that we’ve featured here on Sturdy Toolbox. This corded lawn mower is no different. It’s got a lot of positives, but obviously comes with some understandable negatives.

First, it’s a relatively strong 10 amp motor. For most smaller yards with normal grass, this should be enough to satisfy. If you’ve got a bigger yard with thicker grass, it definitely will give you issues. Walk outside and determine if you think your grass is thick or thin. Thin grass is easy for this mower, but thick grass can cause you problems. You may even need to consider a gas mower since most electric motors lack on power.

The height adjustment is a great feature. You can adjust the deck to whatever height you need and it all operates with one hand. That’s a nice feature overlooked by many brands. And the setup of the wheels gives this Greenworks mower an advantage uneven yards. They’re set up to work well even in those conditions.

And the warranty service and customer service are solid from Greenworks. One customer noted how they had an issue and the Greenworks customer service rep directed them to a local repair shop that repaired the unit for free under warranty. Definitely a plus since you can have local service!

The biggest downside is the small size deck. At only 16 inches, you’ll definitely be making more passes through your yard than some other electric motors. If you have a smaller yard, this isn’t a big issue, but for medium yards it’ll turn into one. Making 4-5 more passes isn’t terrible, but an annoyance for some buyers that want a quick fix to their yard.

But the price is definitely worth consideration as it’s on the cheaper side of electric mowers here.

Check out the Greenworks 25142 here on Amazon.


5. Scotts 2000 20-Inch Classic Push Mower Review

best electric lawn mower 2017Pros:

  • Unlimited range because no fuel source
  • Easy assembly
  • Wide cutting path to cover large ground
  • Minimal noise
  • Guard on front to protect shrubs and gardens


  • Push mower so requires your energy
  • Non adjustable height so may take a few mows
  • Does not cut weeds well at all
  • Blade connection points need oil consistently


The last mower in our roundup is the Scotts 2000. It’s for those people who want the ultimate “green” experience mowing their lawn. It’s a push mower!

Equipped with a 20-inch reel and 10-inch dual tracking wheels, this mower is able to handle quite an extensive amount of grass. There are 9 cutting settings to choose from, which helps to give you the exact height of grass that you desire.

The mower is fitted with 5 heat-treated blades or effective and efficient grass cutting in a fast and easy manner. If you need an efficient and fast mower for the job, this is the ideal mower for you.

Check out the Scotts 2000 mower here on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up here, we hope you enjoyed our best electric lawn mower in 2017 list. There are a lot of options these days so let us know if you liked or hated the list. Leave a comment and tell us your experience with any of these mowers. Thanks and have fun!

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